Stop Saying Democrats Really Lost. We Ain’t Buying That Bullsh*t.


Conservative opinion journalists and bloggers have been really busy over the last few days. They’ve been cranking out article after article explaining how even though Trump lost the White House, he actually won, how Democrats didn’t really win anything, in spite of putting Joe Biden in the Oval Office and on and on and on. It’s been one big circle jerk of making themselves feel better about how their big daddy Trump has lost and now they don’t know what to o with themselves.

The truth is proving to be something entirely different. Democrats are retaining control of the House of Representatives and thanks to two run-off elections in Georgia it is very possible the Senate will be split, giving our new Vice President, Kamala Harris, the deciding vote in any split in the Senate. Which means Mitch McConnell is no longer the Majority Leader.

But the bigger picture is that down the line, all across the country, voters supported progressive, liberal, ballot initiatives more than they voted against them.

Four more states voted to legalize recreational marijuana use (New Jersey, Arizona, Montana, South Dakota.) Mississippi voted to allow medical use. Two jurisdictions, Oregon and Washington DC even voted to legalize so-called “magic mushrooms”, another win for recreational drug users. Oregon also voted to decriminalize most drug use in favor of treatment over punishment.

Florida voted for a $15 minimum wage, Colorado voted for a family leave program while also rejecting more restrictions on abortion, Nebraska voters approved a cap on payday loan rates…

On and on, state after state, even in the deepest red areas where Republican legislators won, progressive ballot initiatives WON.

I really don’t know what explains this disconnect between candidates and programs — unless it’s the misinformation campaign that Republicans have spent the last 4 years dumping on us.

Because it seems clear that when Americans are able to choose progressive plans for themselves, the do so. The very things Republicans warn them that “Liberals” will use to “destroy America”, that’s what they voted for.

So no. Republicans didn’t ‘win anyway’. They might have fooled enough people to win some seats in fly-over states, but where the rubber meets the road and people were able to choose for themselves, progressives won.

So we’re not buying that bullshit.