Today I am angry. Very angry. Exhausted and angry that no one seems to care or to listen or think that their opinion matters more than dead kids.

I am angry that yet another gun was used to kill yet another kid in yet another school.

This has to stop. Dead kids trump gun rights. They just do. I don’t care what Joe the (fake) plumber or Sarah Palin or any other stupid person says. No. More. Dead. Kids. #NotOneMore

And the worst part, at least in the context of this blog, are those that are making the second amendment a religious issue, a church issue, a God issue.

Editorial Argues That Jesus Talked About Right To Bear Arms

Do you want to have a gun? Great. Good for you. Guns are a great tool. But it’s not a religious issue. It shouldn’t even be a political issue, but I digress. Point to one thing, one verse, one word in any book of the Bible that says anything about guns. Go ahead, show me one. Guess what, I have a better one. “Love your neighbor as yourself”. (And no, Jesus was not implying guns when he said “sell your cloak and buy a sword”. Read it in context.)

The second amendment has nothing to do with God, Jesus, church, or any other thing. It doesn’t. Trying to protect it by bringing God into the discussion is not only stupid, it’s disgusting. God WEEPS for the children that have died in this country because we’ve held the second amendment in higher esteem than the children He’s given us.

I am just ranting here and the opinions expressed here are mine. I’m not going to back them up with facts and statistics, that’s not the point of this post. I might do that some other time but today I am just angrily ranting. I never, ever want to hear about another kid dying from gun violence or gun carelessness or any gun period.

You do not get to protect your rights while simultaneously protecting the rights of those that kill kids. Don’t give me any of that “law-abiding citizen” crap. If you’re truly law-abiding, then you have nothing to fear from a gun registry, background check, training class, licensing process, or any of that. Screw your “law-abiding” rights. Stop those that kill children. We stop “law-abiding” citizens at border crossings, we set up drunk driving checkpoints, we do inspections and breathalyzer tests and all that other stuff. Law-abiding citizens have nothing to fear by those laws when operating a car, so why are they so afraid when it comes to operating a gun?

This has to stop. IT HAS TO STOP. And the church has to take the lead in making it stop. We’ve got to stop putting the Bill of Rights ahead of God’s word. We’ve got to stop putting Guns ahead of kids.