No, Trump Didn’t “Win Anyway”

Image Credit: Vanity Fair

I’m seeing a lot of posts over the last couple of days saying that even if Trump loses the White House he’s still won. Because he’s shown us that he owns half of America. That in spite of everything, his anti-science, extreme-racist, misogynistic, dumb-fuckery, half of America will follow him no matter what.

Do you know what I say to that?


240 million people were eligible to vote this year. At the time of this writing, votes are still being counted, but with most states reporting 99% complete and only about 140 million votes split between Trump and Biden it looks like about 100 million people, again, sat out the election. (About 2 million voted for alternative candidates, statistically low enough to be included in the ‘sat out’ column.)

So we’re not actually talking about half of America, we’re talking about 47.7% of people who voted.

But more than that, more people vote for Joe Biden than voted for any other Presidential candidate in the history of the United States. More than Obama, More than either Clinton, Joe got the most votes ever. More than 73 million people for Joe Biden and against everything Donald Trump stands for. They voted for common sense during a health pandemic, for women’s rights to choose, for lgbtq+ people, for what is RIGHT.

So yes, 47.7% of voters broke my heart.

But they didn’t win. Trump didn’t win.

And in spite of the threats, in spite of stupid things people are saying like “Trump supports have all the guns” (liberals have guns too, idiots) and “Civil war 2! Boogaloo!” (Yeah, good luck with the National Guard, asshats) I know, in reality, that you in the red hats are actually too lazy to actually DO anything other than stomp around waving your guns at a protest until you run out of beer, then you’ll go home in your lifted truck with illegally placed flags on it.

Meanwhile, Biden and Harris will get to work actually fixing all the crap Trump broke.

So no, Trump didn’t win, not even fucking close.