John Pavlovitz
“They offer a similar solution to the diagnosed “problem” of my Progressive theology: “You should try reading the Bible and asking God to reveal the truth to you.” — as if these are things I’d never considered.”
Message: I know not all of us like Mr. Pavlovitz’s page and the echo chamber that has been created there. But I think most of us can relate to this blog post. Every day. EVERY STINKING DAY someone says “well, if you’d read the Bible for real, you’d see that I’m right” or “I’ll pray for God to open your eyes” or some other such bologna. I’ve read the Bible. Multiple times. In several translations and have even read (most of) the New Testament word by word, section by section, in the original (from the known transcripts) Greek, taking the time to try to understand the culture of the time. And I don’t rely on some “burning in the breast” or other things because (for me) mustard gives me the same sensation. I do pray for patience and wisdom and understanding, but (for me) some miraculous revelation hasn’t occurred. I believe what I believe because of what I have read and studied and prayed. The more I read, the more I believe an inclusive, accepting, loving theology is the default, the rest of gravy. If you don’t start from love, then you’re on the wrong track.
June 13, 2017 at 08:07PM

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