I get asked this question a lot. Some people seem to think that Christians shouldn’t have anything to do with politics, or they should stick to one side of politics and therefore stay out of any debates or protests or discussions — the ‘dirty’ side of politics.

But we as Christians need to let our belief inform and influence every part of our lives, and that includes how we vote. Very simply, you can’t love your neighbor as yourself while voting for, or ignoring the opportunity to vote against, people with the authority to ruin their lives through public policy.

Dear brother/sister,

I write this now because the church we used to belong to together is no longer. Scripture tells us to bring our grievances to the church leadership, but we can’t do that, so I’m throwing this one out into the wind. But also in part because what you did was so very public I am making this public as well, not out of spite or anger, but because others were hurt by what was done and will continue to be hurt by similar actions either by you or others like you and this needs to be addressed.


On January 1st, 2014 I pushed the virtual “go live” button on Christianity Without The Insanity. I had gotten the idea — stolen, swiped, copied, call it what you will — from so many other online politically left-leaning social media brands were… well, they didn’t seem to PRODUCE anything. I mean they did a good job of being news aggregators, sharing relevant news to the liberal Christian community from mainstream news outlets. And they did a good job of swiping memes from each other (downloading and re-uploading, often cutting off the original attribution or even erasing the author/artist's name so…

Conservative opinion journalists and bloggers have been really busy over the last few days. They’ve been cranking out article after article explaining how even though Trump lost the White House, he actually won, how Democrats didn’t really win anything, in spite of putting Joe Biden in the Oval Office and on and on and on. It’s been one big circle jerk of making themselves feel better about how their big daddy Trump has lost and now they don’t know what to o with themselves.

The truth is proving to be something entirely different. Democrats are retaining control of the House…

Image Credit: Vanity Fair

I’m seeing a lot of posts over the last couple of days saying that even if Trump loses the White House he’s still won. Because he’s shown us that he owns half of America. That in spite of everything, his anti-science, extreme-racist, misogynistic, dumb-fuckery, half of America will follow him no matter what.

Do you know what I say to that?


240 million people were eligible to vote this year. At the time of this writing, votes are still being counted, but with most states reporting 99% complete and only about 140 million votes split between Trump and Biden…

First, and let’s be really really clear on this: the results of the US Presidential election, in spite of what Trump, Biden, and ESPECIALLY THE MEDIA will tell you on Election Night and the next day, will likely not be officially decided for WEEKS. Let me say that again. WE WILL NOT KNOW THE RESULTS OF THE US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION ON THE 4TH AND LIKELY NOT OFFICIALLY FOR SEVERAL DAYS OR WEEKS. And officially the Electoral College votes on December 14th, so the Presidential Elections isn’t over until then.

So with that information, how should we, as Christians, react on…

NOTE: This blog post will contain “four letter” words. Probably many of them. If you are easily offended by such language, then this post isn’t for you.

Yes. I cuss a little. I try to be respectful around others that might be offended by cuss words, but @#$% it, I cuss. I like to cuss. I think there are times that using such words are appropriate, even acceptable, and expected.

And I really don’t think it’s a religious or spiritual issue. It’s just not.

“But wait!”, you say, “What about the Bible! It says:

Ephesians 5:4 Let there be no…

An interesting discussion has sprung up several times on my Facebook feed and pages. Who is a Christian? What determines who is “in” and who is “out”?

Usually, this comes up in a discussion about abortion or same-sex marriage or another hot button topic, usually in the form of “if you are pro-choice/pro-same-sex marriage then you aren’t really a Christian.”

I can’t tell you how much I freaking hate that. Hate that with a stinking passion.

It’s as if God has given that person some sort of special secret insight into the heart and soul of people that allows them…

“How can you be a Christian? Do you really believe what ‘those guys’ believe?”

I get that question a lot. Especially when I share a political position like being pro-choice or being in support of same-sex equality. “But you still believe x-y-z? Just like the Westboro Baptist guys? How can you believe that?”

First off, let me start by saying, I don’t really know what the Westboro Baptist folks believe, other than what’s on their picket signs, so I don’t know if we share a belief in anything. The same goes for Pat Robertson or Dr. Dobson or Ted Cruz…

Disclaimer: I cannot claim credit for this model. While what is written here includes my thoughts and feelings, the original idea and the original pictures (that I reproduced because I could not find the originals) belong to someone else. I could not find the original blog post from which they came. If you are the author please let me know. I will gladly credit you or remove this post according to your wishes.


As a boy, my family sporadically attended the United Methodist Church in the small Nebraska town where we lived. At the time it was (and I believe still is) the only church building in town. As is the habit of the Methodist church, sometimes they’d move the pastors around. By the time I graduated high school, three different preachers had come and gone. I can’t speak for all Methodist churches, but in our small town, we were definitely Pastor centered. Each brought changes that were not always welcome, but because he was the ‘head’, the people had to go…

Christianity Without The Insanity

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